Zebra Cycle Lane Separator

Innovative separator with reflective strips that give great visibility. Want to build separated bike lanes without rebuilding the road? Because Zebras use minimal space, they're easily incorporated into an existing roadway layout. These devices are less expensive to install and maintain, and can be removed with relative ease, making the design implementation process more flexible. 

In addition to separated bike lanes, Zebras may be used to carve out pedestrian mediums and establish Bus Only lanes. 

  • Available in 3 sizes -  5, 9 or 13
  • Curved "hump" shape guides stray cars back to their lane
  • Pre-drilled bolt holes, evenly spaced - keeps device anchored - 3-point pavement anchor system
  • Ridged surface helps catch car tires
  • FWHA standard color with illuminating particles
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic, which absorbs impact
  • Asymmetrical lines stand out on asphalt
  • Reflective particles for full illumination at night
  • High resistance to weathering due to the material used

Tools needed:


  • Epoxy resin (styrene-free)
  • M12 hex nuts
  • Threaded rods, 10cm In
  • 12mm diameter (15cm in older pavement)


  • Hammer drill
  • Small sledge hammer
  • Epoxy gun

Zebra User Manual
Zebra Technical Sheet