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Variable Message Signs

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Message Sign | 3-Line

The Three-Line Message Sign is capable of displaying three rows of alphanumeric characters.

Message Sign | Mini 3-Line

The Wanco Mini Three-Line Message Sign is a compact version of our full-size Three-Line Sign. The Mini is highly maneuverable and easy to deploy.

Message Sign | Mini Matrix

The Wanco Mini Matrix Message Sign is a compact version of our full-size variable message signs.

Message Signs | Full-Matrix

Full-size, full-matrix Wanco Variable Message Signs are the ideal choice when you need to get information to the public.

Portable Message Signs | EU Series

The EU-Series Portable Variable Message Signs are designed specifically for Europe and the Middle East. Messages are displayed on a full-matrix display.

Remote-Video Monitoring System

The Remote-Video Monitoring System adds video monitoring and remote-access capability to Wanco variable message signs.

Variable Message Sign | Metro

The Metro Variable Message Sign is our most compact portable message sign, designed for use in metropolitan areas.

Variable Message Signs | LegiBrite

LegiBrite Message Signs offer the advantages of our Three-Line Signs packed into a smaller unit. Two models allow for mounting in the bed of a work vehicle or on a stationary fixture.

Variable Message Signs | Truck-Mount

Truck-Mount Message Signs offer the advantages of our full-matrix signs packed into a smaller unit.