Traffic Paint

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MMA 1.1 Traffic Paint | Roadzilla

Roadzilla 1.1 Thick Film (Two-Component) traffic marking Paint is one of our toughest zone marking paint.

Traffic Paint | Chlorinated Rubber

Chlorinated-Rubber is a solvent based high performance zone marking paint.It offers quick dry times and excellent durability on a wide range of surfaces.

Traffic Paint | Gorilla Paint

Gorilla Paint is our toughest zone-marking paint. This durable acrylic copolymer paint lasts longer and stays cleaner.

Traffic Paint | Fast Dry Waterbase

Fast Dry waterborne traffic paint is a high solids, traffic marking paint, for use in both airless and air-spray striping equipment.

Traffic Paint | Regular Dry Waterbase

Standard, or Regular Dry Waterborne traffic paint is ideal for parking lots, curbs, and most other concrete and asphalt application.

Paint Strainers

Paint Strainers are recommended for use with airless paint sprayers.