Thermoplastic Premelters

With one of our thermoplastic melters, you can prepare multiple types of hot applied materials, including crack fill, thermoplastic, and bituminous. These thermoplastic melters make it easy to create your own portable thermoplastic workstation, saving time and money. We offer dual and single kettle systems to offer maximum functionality for every situation.  

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NEW Thermoplastic Premelter | 720e

The 720e thermoplastic melter is an all-new product for those requiring a smaller packaged thermoplastic melter.

Thermoplastic Premelter | T350SM

A low cost solution for pre-melting thermoplastic, crack fill, or bituminous, for new road work and repairs.

Thermoplastic Premelters | 2T Series

The 2T series Thermoplastic Premelter offers the ability to adapt to many transport options. Power-pack and premelter may be mounted independently.

Trailer Mount Thermoplastic Premelter | TP1500

TP1500 Thermoplastic Melter is the heavy-duty contractor solution capable of suppling multiple thermoplastic applicators.