Thermoplastic Applicators

Our selection of thermoplastic applicators ranges from basic models ideal for contractors just starting to work in roadway striping to more elaborate applications suitable for use with truck mounted systems. Whether you are looking for a walk and push option or want the ability to minimize the amount of manual labor you need to do, there is a thermoplastic applicator suitable for your needs. Have questions? Contact us to get help from the experts. 

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Profile Thermoplastic Applicator | 360SPP

The Model 360SPP offers profile thermoplastic extrusion otherwise found on intermediate and large truck mounted systems.

Self-Propelled Thermoplastic Handliner | 360SP

The Model 360SP Thermoplastic Applicator provides all the features of the 360M with the addition of Self-Propulsion.

Spray Thermoplastic Applicator | 360SPS

The Model 360SPS uses a unique non-pressure system that delivers spray-applied thermoplastic, with out the expense of a large truck mounted system.

Thermoplastic Handliner | 360M

The 360M Thermoplastic Applicator is easy to operate, versatile, and backed by years of proven performance.

Graco Thermolazer 200TC

The Graco ThermoLazer 200TC Thermoplastic Applicator is easy to operate, easy to maneuver and is the perfect addition to the Graco thermoplastic striping line.

Graco Thermolazer 300TC

The Graco Thermolazer 300TC thermoplastic Striping System is ideal for general roadway striping and small intersections.

Graco Thermolazer Promelt

The ThermoLazer ProMelt unit allows stripers to get into the thermoplastic marking business with out the additional costs of a premelter kettle truck or trailer.

Graco Thermolazer SmartDie II

The SmartDie II thermoplastic extrusion die is the next generation in screed box technology