Line Remover | 20HD & 20HDFF

The 20HD and 20HDFF Line Removers showcase an incredibly efficient rotary design that delivers faster removal rates while eliminating the continuous grooves and scarring associated with drum style line removers. The unique design of the 20HD and HDFF enables wider single pass coverage that allows the operator to instantly range from 4” to 24” widths for maximum removal volume per pass. This same flexibility pinpoints the HP to the precise removal area without the need to inventory and change drums or cutters. This saves thousands of dollars in “extra” drum costs.

Product Highlights

  • All NEW cutter depth adjustments ensures you only remove the intended material.
  • Innovative and adjustable weight system limits vibration to an absolute minimum.
  • The 20HD and HDFF do not generate cutter heat, therefore, thermoplastic breaks rather than melts. This not only cuts clean up time in half, but minimizes cut time. The result is a better preserved surface.
  • New cutter choices enables the operator the choice to “tilt the balance” toward fastest removal rates to least surface damage and any combination of both.
  • Newly available Fine Finish cutters are standard with the 20HDFF.
  • Take total control of variable surface depths with the ability to instantaneously and automatically “float” the cutter up and down randomly while removing.
  • All NEW vacuum port


  • 13 HP Honda OHV
  • Operating: 400 lbs (181 kgs)
  • 44"L x 21"W x 34"H (1100mm x 520mm x 865mm)
  • Removal Width: 4" - 24" (10-60cm)
  • Removal Speed: 1000-5000 linear ft. per hour at 4 inches wide
  • Cuter Life: 15,000-30,000 liner feet (4575 - 9150 linear meter)

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