Bitumen Applicators

Bitumen or reflective marker application can be strenuous work, but it can be made much easier with the help of a bitumen applicator. Florida Transcor offers walk-behind bitumen applicators as well as fully self-propelled options. For those who prefer to use an applicator with their own pickup truck, our trailer options make this possible. 

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Bitumen Applicator | Crack Filler | 50150

The Model 50150 is an economical solution for marker application and/or crack fill.

Bitumen Applicator | RBM300

A fully equipped bitumous applicator capable of switching from a walk-behind unit to a self-propelled unit in moments

Bitumen Applicator Trailer | 2001 Ride-On

Increase productivity of reflective marker application with the Trantex Model 2001 Bituminous applicator.